Friday, May 9, 2014

Yu Darvish Loses Perfect Game When Outfield Brain Farts On Routine Pop Fly

Yu Darvish has every right to be mad at his outfielders. Here he was going in to the seventh inning with a perfect game on the line and what do they do? They have a massive brain fart and forget how to field a routine fly ball.

Apparently no one called for it.

Big Papi was more than happy to take his base on the play, but that wouldn't be the last Darvish would see of the Red Sox slugger. In the final inning with a no-hitter on the line David Ortiz managed to hit a single in to shallow right center.

So while fantasy owners didn't get the bonus points for a perfect game, no-hitter, or complete game the Rangers did get what counts--a much needed 8-0 win.

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