Sunday, June 15, 2014

Brooklyn's Jason Terry is an Equal Opportunity Troller [VIDEO]

FoxSports1 has had Jason Terry on as a guest analyst lately; you know--because he doesn't have anything else to do right now. It would seem like a smart call. He's been around for awhile so he has to know a thing or two about the game, right?

Eh--his trolling game is pretty solid but otherwise....


At first he tried to insinuate that foul play may have had something to do with the A/C issues in San Antonio during Game One of the Finals. Joking or not--he sounded like an idiot. Now here he is trying to make fun of LeBron James when asked about the chance he can lead the Heat to glory:

Chances are low, but they are a lot better than any chance the Nets have.

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