Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Carolina Panthers Defensive Backs Doing a Little Boxing at Practice?

It is not unusual for wide receivers and defensive backs to wear gloves when they play. They say it helps, and if it helps any coach will say do it--whatever it is (as long as it isn't illegal of course). However, in practice Wednesday the Carolina Panthers defensive backs were wearing a different sort of glove during practice--boxing gloves.

Well--they are supposed to fight for the ball....

Back in the day they may have needed them to deal with Steve Smith, but he's Baltimore's problem now. The defensive backs were not actually boxing anyone. It's to make sure they don't try to hold or grab on to wide receivers.

Head coach Ron Rivera had this to say:

"...One of the things (defensive backs) coach (Steve) Wilks is doing with his defensive backs is putting on the boxing mitts, and that way the guys aren’t grabbing. They’re using their arms and hands the right way and they’re developing some good habits, and we’re trying to break some old and bad habits.”

Rivera also mentioned that the league is planning on putting an emphasis on defensive players not making too much contact in the coming season. Practicing without being able to use their hands should go a long way towards helping that.

However, should one of the defensive backs get mad at someone during practice while wearing the gloves--comedy gold!


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