Thursday, June 5, 2014

David DeJesus Rides a Toy Horse Through Tampa Bay Rays Dugout [GIF]

Athletes do all sorts of things to get themselves mentally prepared to play. Sometimes they need to do something in order to stay in the zone. When it comes to celebrations--well, they do all sorts of things for those as well.

As for why David Dejesus was riding a toy horse through the Rays dugout--I don't know.

via Cut4
It must be a thing for the guys. When Ben Zobrist hit a solo dinger in the fifth he took the horsey for a ride as well:

via Cut4
Maybe they are trying to remind themselves that baseball is a game--a game that should be fun--by looking silly and riding a toy horse. Maybe it will help them loosen up and play better so they can end a nine game losing streak....

But alas it didn't work. The Marlins beat the Rays 11-6 Thursday night pushing the losing streak to 10 straight games.


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