Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Derek Jeter Nearly Gives a Young Fan a Fair Ball

Derek Jeter has been busy making friends during his retirement tour. It's become a common site to see him take foul balls and toss them to young fans. So when he started to do so during Monday night's game against Seattle no one was shocked--except for one thing.

The ball was fair.

Here's what Jeter had to say about the play in the fourth inning (via NYDailyNews):
"Yeah, it was kind of a odd play for me, because I was playing in at third for a bunt and ended up going back for a pop up. The pop up started going foul so I was running in foul territory then came back, so it never even crossed my mind that it was fair. I almost gave it to a fan. I’m glad I didn’t. I thought it was foul at the time because I was in foul territory."
Oh Derek.

Brett Gardner tried to make a sliding catch on the play, but missed. Thinking it was foul Jeter took his time retrieving the ball and when he did looked to give it to a kid. Garnder and pitcher David Phelps yelled at him to throw it in before he gave it up and he did.

And a simple pop-up become a triple. Nice Jeter. Nice.


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  1. You're an idiot. It wasn't a simple pop-up but rather one of those fluke pop flies into no man's land which usually end up as a double. Only because of Gardner's speed was there a play on the ball at all. Did Jeter make an un-Jeterlike bonehead play? Absolutely. Did it most likely cost the Yanks an extra base? Definitely. Do you know the difference between a simple pop-up and a tough play? Not! Obviously, being a fat guy, you never truly played the game. Not defending Jeter here - he should have retired 2 years ago. Only pointing out that you're a moron. Peace.

    1. You get that nasty over something as trivial as that? Dude--you're an asshole.

    2. What an idiot. The point is Jeter goofed. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.

    3. Get a life jackass.