Thursday, June 19, 2014

Eagles QB Matt Barkley Challenges Writer to Come See How Strong His Arm Is

Part of being a professional athlete is having to listen to people that have never picked up a football/basketball/hockey stick/etc. criticize their talent. They don't have to like it, but they do have to accept that it is going to happen. What they do when it does is up to them.

Some just ignore it; others lash back. On occasion they do like Matt Barkley and invite the writer to come see how wrong his evaluation was.

The writer is Jimmy Kempsi of In a recent post he pretty much stated that Barkley's arm lacks the strength it takes to play in the NFL. His basis--one throw in practice. To be fair he tried to qualify his statement by recognizing it was based off of one throw, but he still made the insinuation anyway.

Barkley caught wind of it and took to Reddit to respond:
Easy there Jimmy, you don't know a thing about that route, the defensive coverage, technique of the wide receiver, the route he was actually running, let alone my maximum velocity arm strength.
We can play catch sometime if you want to figure out for yourself how hard I can throw it, just lemme know
You have to give Barkley a little credit here. He does make the mistake of responding to the criticism (giving the writer exactly what he wanted), but otherwise he was completely appropriate--not every guy in the NFL would have been.
The fans were quick to jump to Barkley's defense, and one of his teammates even got in on the action after the writer accepted the challenge:
JimmyKempski: My schedule is open.
EvanMathis69: Jimmy, I just went potty.
The thread goes on to talk about how Kempski can analyze Mathis's potty; funny stuff. Anyway....

Barkley hasn't had many chances to show his talents off in the NFL and the few that he has had were not very complimentary, but all it takes is a quick search on YouTube or Twitter to get an example of how well Barkley can throw:

His arm strength has to be pretty good to thread the needle like that.


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