Thursday, June 19, 2014

GIF: Astros Jose Altuve Has to Feel Real Stupid After This Play

The Houston Astros have a good players in young Jose Altuve. Barring injury and the Astros trading him away (because they do silly things like get rid of good players for tons of minor leaguers) he will be a key member of the team for years to come.

For now--he's got some learning to do. Wednesday night the teacher was Jayson Werth of the Washington Nationals.

via Cut4

You couldn't have asked him to make a better catch and normally his swipe in front of the bag would have been textbook. That is, if the wily veteran (Jayson Werth) didn't stop his slide short and do a little hop step to touch the bag.

You have to complete the tag Jose! That's okay man; lesson learned (just don't fall for it again please).

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