Sunday, June 8, 2014

Miami Heat Fans Trying to Make #Parkering a Thing [PHOTOS]

The time between games of the NBA Finals tends to go quicker when there is something to talk about outside of the actual game. From Game One to Two we had #LeBroning; pictures of fans carrying a third person in extreme pain/anguish--just like LeBron towards the end of the fourth period.

It appears that Heat fans are trying to get something different going--#Parkering.

During the second half Spurs guard Tony Parker took a hard elbow in the ribs from Mario Chalmers and went down in obvious pain:

After seeing one of their stars mocked for the last couple days Heat fans have decided to return the favor with #Parkering:

Eh--they're both kind of lame. Now if fans want to start one that would be pretty cool--#Boshing:

Now that's a trend I can get behind.

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