Monday, June 23, 2014

Saints Rookie WR Brandin Cooks Has Been Given a Rather Fitting Nickname Already

The New Orleans Saints game is completely predicated off of its passing attack. No secret, right? With Lance Moore gone and Jimmy Graham's future in question the team knew it needed to add a weapon in the draft. So it did--former Oregon State speed demon Brandin Cooks.

While he has yet to strap on the pads he has impressed his teammates enough to earn a nickname.


Nicknames are important to young players. They can either be a sign of acceptance or a sign of derision. It's pretty clear from his nickname how the guys feel about Cooks: Lightning.

Keenan Lewis is taking credit for giving him the name.
"I called him 'lightning,'" Lewis said Friday. "A (defensive back) might be in his back pocket and the next thing you know he's 50, 60 yards down the field."
Apparently Cooks had torched some poor defensive back on a reverse. Lewis tried to give chase, but after pulling up so Lewis could gain a little ground Cooks sped off.

The nickname may lack in originality, but when you consider who the player is there is not a more appropriate one. After all, we are talking about a guy that ran a 4.33 in the 40-yard dash at the combine.

From Bleacher Report

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