Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sexual Assault Investigation Should Put Longhorns HC Charlie Strong's Core Values to the Test

The future is looking up for the Texas Longhorns. Charlie Strong appears to be just the kind of guy that fans, players, and more importantly parents want. He wins, he gets guys to the NFL, and he graduates players. He is a tough, no-nonsense kid of guy and expects his players to follow a set of core values.

Depending on how a sexual assault investigation pans out we might find out how serious he is about them.

Details are pretty scarce to come by, but it appears that a pair of Texas football players are a part of a sexual assault investigation involving three people on campus. Nothing official has been stated by the Strong, the police, or the university, but a local paper is reporting that two football players have been questioned.

We don't know if they are witnesses, perpetrators, or victims (you never know) for certain. So--how will Strong react?

One of his core values is that all players should respect women (no drugs, no stealing, no guns, and be honest being the others). Violate one of those values and you risk losing your scholarship according to Strong.

Depending on how the investigation pans out, this could really put Strong and his values to the test.

Since he used the word 'respect' they don't have to be the perpetrators to be disciplined. Of course if they are it's an easy call--they are gone. If they are not, but knew of something inappropriate (and did nothing; at the least they should call authorities) or taped anything (like Jameis Winston's buddy) that could warrant punishment.

But how much? Should they lose their scholarships? Who knows, but it will sure be interesting to see what Strong does next.


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