Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban Rubs Some Fans the Wrong Way With Recent Comment

Alabama head coach Nick Saban knows football. Yeah, his NFL game didn't pan out, but with the success he has had in college it would not be shocking if there was a trophy named after him someday.  On the field, off the field, and on the recruiting trail he has proven time and time again to be one of--if not the--best.

However, a comment he made during SEC Media Days has made some look at him in a slightly different light.

The question must have had something to do with disciplining players for off-field behavior and when or if they should be kicked off the team:

Hmmm. Well--it would have been interesting to hear a follow up question asking him to clarify what he meant. This is what some folks on Twitter thought:

As a parent I would be  a little hesitant to send my son to Alabama after hearing a comment like that. I wouldn't kick Saban off my porch if he came recruiting my boy, but he would definitely have to explain what he meant by it.

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