Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon in Camp But Working With the Third Team

In the days leading up to the start of training camp for the Cleveland Browns the big question was whether trouble wide receiver Josh Gordon was going to show up. The Browns made it clear they expected him to, but according to the rumor mill he was in rehab and has been since his most recent arrest.

With his appeal of a one-year suspension (that he is not expected to win) in just days it seemed almost pointless for him to come out. So--did he show?

Yes he did, but the team is not acting as if everything is just fine. The Browns know that more than likely they are going to lose him for the season so they are preparing accordingly:

The appeal is on August 1 so if there is some sort of miracle reprieve it is not like he is going to miss a lot of time. Rumor has it that there may be some technicality that could save him, but what that could be is a mystery.

Whether he does play or not this is probably the best place for him to be anyway. At least with him in camp he is going to be kept busy and will be surrounded by a support system. If he was anywhere else the temptation to do something foolish could prove too great.

Should he be suspended for the season he will end up making history. No player since Jim Brown has led the league in receiving or rushing and missed the following season.

Brown had a much better excuse though--he retired.


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