Sunday, July 27, 2014

Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning Honors Recently Departed Fan During Training Camp Practice

It is not unusual to see guys in the NFL do things to honor people or causes. It's something guys do to show respect for friends, victims of tragedy, and to raise awareness. So why was Peyton Manning wearing the name Chris Crowson on his practice towel the other day in camp?

via Reddit
As it turns out he is a big Denver Broncos fan that passed away way too early at the age of 28 due to complications from a surgery. The gentleman that posted the above picture to Reddit did a little searching and found an obituary online:
...Chris is fondly revered as a goofy teddy bear with a heart of gold. He brought an abundance of joy to all who knew him and loved him. He loved almost every sport, but his true passion was the Denver Broncos, a handed down tradition for three generations [...] In honor of Chris' love for the Denver Broncos, the dress is casual and you're encouraged to wear your most favorite professional football team jersey or team colors as long as it's not the Seattle Seahawks (yea, we're sore losers…).
What--if any--connection Manning had to him beyond fandom is not public knowledge, but you have to appreciate the gesture Manning made here. It just goes to show that how much he cares about the fans and the people in his community.

And why he is one of the more beloved players in the game today.

via Reddit
Well done Mr. Manning. Well done indeed.

(via Reddit):

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  1. Chris wasy son. We moved from Denver many years ago but were and still are huge Broncos fans. Peyton did not know my son or even met him. Chris' uncle simply wrote a letter to Peyton telling him about Chris and this was his response. The response of a true gentleman, sportsman and one of the classiest individuals in the NFL. Thank you Peyton. Chris is doing back flips in heaven!

    1. So very sorry to hear about your loss Mr. Crowson. I live in Indy so I've been following Peyton for a long time; a gentleman indeed.

  2. Class act, Mr. Manning. Chris was important to me in HS, and I know this means so very much to his family.

  3. Chris was our nephew and we loved him so very much! I agree with his father Dan's comment: he is doing back flips in heaven, no doubt! And to think Chris sees this from an even higher vantage point than Mile High Stadium these days. Well done Mr. Manning, well done-- and thank you. You truly have ETERNAL fans. Bless you! Go Broncos!!!!!