Sunday, July 20, 2014

Former Minnesota Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe Now a Liability to the Advancement of LGBT Rights

In the past it was easy to applaud former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe for taking a stand in support of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. Anyone that speaks out in support of the rights of others deserves to be applauded. Having someone of his notoriety promoting the cause didn't hurt either.

However, in light of his behavior over the last few days he has clearly become more of liability; one that needs to be distanced from.

When the news broke late last week that the Vikings were suspending special teams coach three games for his homophobic comment Kluwe took to Twitter to condemn the report and the Vikings. Not only did he slam the team for not doing more or saying more in the report, but he continued to threaten a lawsuit.

However, in the process his credibility took a serious hit. When the Vikings revealed Kluwe's questionable behavior--including making light of children being sexually abused--many who thought he might be in it for the publicity became convinced that was the case.

Those that were not may be after some additional comments he recently made (via PFT):
“Players who get caught smoking weed or DUI get four games, and you’re telling me the guy who made a comment like ‘let’s round up all the gays put them on an island nuke it till it glows’ — he’s only going to get a slap on the wrist?” Kluwe said.
A one game difference is a slap on the wrist? He went on to complain about how some guys have been given another chance after a transgression, but he can't:
“The NFL is a league where you can get redemption for killing someone, forbeating your wife in an elevator, for driving drunk, for a whole variety of things but when you speak out for civil rights, that’s the one thing you cannot get redeemed for,” Kluwe added.
Kluwe has effectively taken the focus off of the issue he claims to be in support of--LGBT rights--and squarely on to himself and his desire for revenge. By putting the transgressions of some of his former teammates on blast and the rest of the NFL he appears vindictive and spiteful. Doing so certainly doesn't do anything to advance the rights of LGBT people.

When he talked about redemption his real purpose became clear. Some how he thought this mess with the Vikings was going to lead to another chance in the NFL. Again--nothing to do with LGBT rights; just himself.

Going forward his name is going to be surrounded not only in controversy, but in negativity thanks his recent rants making him definitely not the kind of person you want your cause attached to.


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  1. Chris Kluwe should shut up. It's obvious that his anger towards the Vikings is more about him being released by the team. And the fact that the Oakland Raiders cut him shortly afterwards adds credence to the fact that he was let go because of his playing ability and had nothing to do with his stand on gay rights.
    I think pretty much everyone is tired of hearing Chris Kluwe and tired of hearing about him.....ignoring him might be the best answer to it all.