Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson May Be Back--But For How Long?

Mondays typically suck, but this past Monday was not a bad one for fans of the Houston Texans. It appears that disgruntled wide receiver Andre Johnson may be coming back to the team in time for the opening of training camp on Friday.

It's not a given yet, but since the man was supposedly at the team's facility to work on learning the new offense.


Good news, right? The whole mess between him and the team has been ridiculous, but it appears to be over--for now.

You can't fault Johnson for not being happy about rebuilding this coming season. At 33 the window is starting to get a little narrow for him, and with this season tied to the arm of a journeyman QB and the future a raw fourth round pick he may never see the post season again.

At the same time, he created the mess. He knew he was under contract. He knew he was never going to be traded, and he knew that by holding out he could accomplish nothing of value. Yet he did it anyway because he was mad.

However, while he created the short term mess the Texans have created a more lasting one. When Johnson expressed a desire to return to the team and earn the million dollar his holdout had cost him they said no.

Why? It had to already be budgeted so it's not like the expense was a surprise, but more importantly it would have allowed Johnson to end the stand-off and save face.

Now it looks like he threw a tantrum, was ignored by Mom and Dad, and came back to the team with his figurative tail between his legs. When his contract is up he is probably going to remember this.

Unless the team does become a contender this season or the next it would not be shocking to see him take his talents elsewhere. Yeah, he has always said he was going to be a Texan, but who wants to stay somewhere you are disrespected?

As a player in his mid-30s he is not going to command anywhere close to the salary he is getting now. Even if he remains healthy and continues to be the beast that he is teams are still going to underbid him because of his age.

Should the team not mend the fence with him somehow he probably will not care.

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