Saturday, July 19, 2014

Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck Calls Out Fan For Terrible Profile Pic During Twitter Q&A

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is sort of a throwback kind of guy. He doesn't have a Twitter account so no tweeting. It would probably be pretty hard to do so on the little flip phone he has anyway. However, Last Thursday he actually did some tweeting.

Not from his own account, but from the Colts one for a little Q&A with the fans. While it was pretty tame overall there was a moment where Luck actually barred his claws a little.

One fan asked him if he and Bjoern Werner ever talked in German and this is what  Luck had to say:

Good answer, but it sure wasn't nice of him to slam the kid's profile pic. Than again, Luck does play for the Colts so you can almost understand:

 He could have said a lot worse (and knowing him he was probably just kidding anyway)--a lot of guys would have!

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