Friday, July 18, 2014

Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith Should Ask for a Contract Like Colin Kaepernick's

Fans of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith are right when they say their boy is a pretty darn good quarterback. He certainly proved that in his first season for them last year by leading then in to the playoffs--and now he wants to get paid accordingly.

Like a fat kid dying for a cupcake while trapped at a whole food store he just isn't going to get what he wants. That is, unless he is willing to get creative.

Smith wants to get paid in the realm of $18 million/season--much like Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, and Matt Stafford (who is getting $14 million/season). If you look at what he has done the last few seasons he deserves a raise (he'll get $7.5 million next season), but an additional $10 million?

For a 30 year old quarterback with a good, but not great track record?

The team has sounded at times like they don't think he's worth that much just yet. He's only had one year in the system. What's to say he'll be able to replicate last year's success this coming season? The team is largely intact, but as Ryan Fitzpatrick showed the world that does not mean anything.

Just ask Buffalo fan about it.

At the same time the Chiefs are not in a position to let him go just yet. So do they bend or should Smith bend?

Or why not both?

Smith has said he wants the stability that comes with a long-term extension as well as 'Cutler Money.' Why not give it to him, but force him to continue to earn it if he wants to have it just like Colin Kaepernick is going to have to do?

Besides wins, Smith has not done anything to get paid like a top-tier quarterback (neither have the aforementioned three, but that's another story). Problem is the Chiefs do not have a viable replacement at this time.

So do they have to pay him because there is no one else?

Lots of folks bashed Kaepernick for his contract, but with less than two seasons under his belt he didn't deserve that big of a pay bump either. So he's going to earn it.

Think about it Alex.

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  1. Maybe a hybrid of what he's done and Kaepernick's? Pay him 14-16 per for the first 3-4 years and make that real guaranteed money and then up it in years 4-7 with a year of that being Kaepernick guarantee (year to year, but early commitment date).

  2. "Besides wins, Smith has not done anything to get paid like a top-tier quarterback."

    And it was important to mention this because clearly there is something more important to some franchises than winning.

  3. what about if u don't pay him and he just lays down a bad season? think about that all you big NO IT ALL HELMAT HEADS HAHAHAHAHA