Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kyle Orton Pull a Fast One on Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys?

Training camp is getting underway, and in the next few days every team in the NFL will have started meaning football is not too far off. So while that means we will finally have an excuse to do no house chores on Sunday it also means that we are going to get a rush of gossip before there is actual football to talk.

Like how Kyle Orton put one over on Jerry Jones so he could take his bonus, run, and play somewhere else.

The source here is none other than Jerry Jones:

Why Jones would spread this around is a mystery. If it is true that means that somehow Orton was able to convince the Cowboys he was going to retire so they might as well drop him--so they did. When they did it cost the team money, but since he was supposed to retire the idea must have been to clear a roster space.

But Orton has not filed. It is not clear who floated the notion of him retiring anyway. Sure enough--he hasn't.

Now Jones thinks Orton is looking to hook up with another team. If this is true--good for you Kyle. Good for you.

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  1. Yea......Ole Kyle pulled a fast one on Jerry!!!! Dumbass

  2. not as fast as the one he'll pull on the next team dumb enough to pay him

  3. Similar to the Ratliff incident. The league should do something to prevent and punish these games. You sign a contract you don't like, retire, sit out, get fined, but this is borderline fraud

    1. Romo's THAT is borderline fraud.

  4. … not sure how Jerry made his money. He left millions on the table in negotiating with Arlington, TX to build the Jerry Dome (they are still in the bank, laughing). He intervenes in team management regularly, squelching any chance the Cowboys have had to regain their greatness. And he routinely gives money away by failing to mind his p's and q's with contracts. I'm sure he's some kind of genius in the oil business, … but it's gotta be an idiot savant kind of thing.

  5. Why is any one in the NFL still talking anything relevant when they mention Kyle Orton, for the life of me, I can't believe he is still around !