Saturday, July 26, 2014

Media Jump the Gun on News of all the Texas Longhorns Dismissals?

The words 'sources say' or 'according to sources' are some of the worst in journalism. What they essentially do is give the writer free reign to make whatever claim he/she wants, but without ever actually providing any evidence. This practice becomes even more of an issue when conclusions are drawn and presented as news.

You know--just like with the crazy number of stories posted to the World Wide Web Friday about the player purge underway with the Texas Longhorns.

In case you missed it, according to several reports Texas head coach Charlie Strong dismissed a number of players from the team Thursday and Friday, many who were veterans:
  • running back Joe Bergeron
  • safety Josh Turner
  • linebacker Kendall Thompson
  • running back Jaleen Overstreet
  • defensive back Chevoski Collins
  • as many as five others
Fullback Chet Moss and defensive back Leroy Scott were both dismissed in March bringing the total number of dismissals since Strong took over to seven.

Or has he? There are some things about the many reports that just don't add up.

Strong did make it pretty clear that if you break one of his five core values--1) Be honest 2) Treat women with respect 3) No drugs 4) No stealing 5) No guns--that you could be kicked off the team for 'violating team rules.'

So the fact that guys are getting dismissed does not come as a surprise. We don't know what they were allegedly dismissed for. Word is that after the first time you become subject to random drug tests, and the second time you are done.

From what we have seen so far it just looks like he's a man of his word--which is good, but that doesn't explain why receivers Kendall Sanders and Montrel Meander are only suspended. The two are accused of sexual assault and taking pictures during the alleged assault.

Maybe it's because that there case is still in progress, but if he really wanted to make a statement he probably has enough cause under his guidelines to cut them loose. No one would fault him if he did.

With all that has been said you have to wonder why the school has been so tightlipped about it all. The only official word given is that the university stands behind Strong.

So than why hold off on making the player dismissals official? The only reason for that is because the are not--yet.

The players in question are supposed to be meeting with Strong on Monday. Whether any of them can still salvage their careers remains to be seen, but since no one is talking this could just be when Strong is going to drop the hammer.

Key thing is this--we do not know and no one is talking about it.

They very well may be getting dismissed then, but at the same time it could be he is going to put the fear of God in to them instead. Should it be the latter there is one person we should expect to see the ax dropped on.

Whoever leaked all the 'dismissals' in the first place.

[Scout, BurntOrangeNation]

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  1. Its sad when any idiot can have a blog and feel like what they say carries any weight. Get it? Its a pun!