Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nebraska Cornhuskers are Looking For a Few Good DJs

Back in the day the only thing you heard on a football practice field was the coaches yelling at someone, blowing their whistles, and the pop of the pads. Nowadays that is not quite the case. Many teams are looking to lighten practice and make it a little more fun for the kids (and coaches to I suppose) by blasting a little music.

If you happen to be a student at Nebraska the football team could use your help figuring out what to play (and playing it of course).

The team is looking for a few good DJs:

Should this come through--and I can't imagine it will not--there is one thing we are going to have to see. Head coach Bo Pelini busting a move with his cat.


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  1. So much for focusing on the task at hand!