Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ohio State Wide Receiver Devin Smith in a Car Accident; Flips Car

This is the time of year where no news about your favorite college or pro team is good news. With no practice going on pretty much the only thing you are going to hear is someone got arrested, injured doing stupid human tricks, or in a car/plane/boat/ accident.

Such is the case for the Ohio State Buckeyes and wide receiver Devin Smith who got in a car accident recently.


The accident occurred around 8:30 AM Sunday morning when he somehow lost control of his vehicle and flipped his car. Luckily Smith was not injured in the crash.

With an accident like that the police tend to think alcohol was involved, but Smith's blood was tested and he was under the legal limit. So for now he has just been charged with failure to control his vehicle.

The big question still remains--why did he flip? Police are still investigating and Smith has remained silent (probably smart).


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