Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oklahoma Fan Takes Advantage of Another Texas Blunder to Make Fun of the Longhorns

The Big 12 Media Days have not been kind to the Texas Longhorns. First there was the Hook 'em Horns graphic that had Texas Tech helmets on it, but they managed to top that with the player profiles media guide. Apparently there was a little confusion about how 'Texas' is spelled.

Even though the correction has now been made online an Oklahoma fan has decided to make sure the Longhorn Nation has a constant reminder.

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At the bottom of every other page the name of the website was supposed to be printed. Instead this is what was printed:

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Yeah, another intern lost their job over that one.

The internet had a field day making fun of Texas for this one, but one Oklahoma fan decided to take it up a notch and create a website in honor of the faux The site's creator took to Reddit to ask for ideas on what sort of content should be featured. Some of the ideas were pretty darn funny:
I'm happy about this.
I want to see flattering pictures of Bob Stoops.
I want to see shirtless photos of Mack Brown.
I think both of these requests are serious.
Possibly include pop-ups offering ridiculous prizes if you can punch the moving Bevo.
that is literally the dumbest thing ive seen in my life.
EDIT: Also, It can't be the dumbest thing you've seen, because the dumbest thing would be the top funded football school in the US misspelling their own domain on every page of their own Media Guide.
Should just have a big pic of Barry Switzer smiling.
That is just a small sample of the ideas that have been presented. If the site owner takes just a few of them--well, this sucker is going to be hilarious (as long as you are not a Longhorns fan)!


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