Saturday, July 26, 2014

PHOTO: Washington Redskins Ryan Clark Honors the Late Sean Taylor During Practice

Ryan Clark only spent a couple of seasons with the Washington Redskins during his first stint with the team, but it was more than long enough for him to become friends with fellow free safety Sean Taylor. Ever since Taylor was killed during an attempted robbery he's been wearing Taylor's No. 21 in practice (25 on game day)--and he's been with the Steelers since that fateful night occurred!

So when the Redskins opened up training camp and he walked on to the field wearing Taylor's number the fans took notice--and approved!


Well done Mr. Clark. Well done indeed.

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  1. you are an idiot ... ryan taylor? it's ryan clark and this is old news moron, this came up at OTA's about him wearing Taylor's number

    1. I guess you've never made a mistake? What a jackass! People like you make the Internet unpleasant for everyone. So what of it came up during OTAs? It came up again the first day of training camp--which was when the pic was taken. Oh--and the people still reacted to him wearing it--even though it's old news--so are they morons too? Jackass. You are an embarrassment.