Sunday, July 13, 2014

San Francisco Giants Pitcher Madison Bumgarner and Catcher Buster Posey Make History With Pair of Grand Slams

When Buster Posey hit his 419-foot grand slam in the fifth inning Sunday against the Arizona Diamonbacks it was welcomed but not a shocker. The young catcher has been know to have a bit of power over the years. However, what was surprising was the guy that hit another grand slam for the Giants in the following inning.

Pitcher Madison Bumgarner.

via Cut4
Bumgarner's 387-foot grand slam gave his team an 8-1 lead (they eventually won 8-4), but it was so much more than your average 387-foot blast. This one was a record setter.

But that's not all:

Bumgarner is missing out on the Home Run Derby because National League team captain Troy Tulowitzki claimed he never saw the text Bumgarner sent him asking if he could get in on the Derby. Should one of the guys he did pick flop you better believe the first one to post something on social media will be Bumgarner!


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  2. Tulo should have picked him!