Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sporting Kansas City Player Dom Dwyer Given a Yellow Card for Taking a Selfie After Scoring a Goal

NFL fans have been complaining for years how stupid the refs are. From missing calls to making dumb ones to over/under officiating the complaining never ends. Is it justified? Sometimes? Will it ever end? Nope.At least we now know that the officiating in MLS games can be just as ridiculous.

Someone actually got yellow carded for taking a selfie.

Officially a yellow card is a warning so in itself it is no big deal, but should he be warned for anything else during the match a second yellow results in a red card meaning he's ejected from the game.

Even fair weather fans like myself know that it is not uncommon for soccer players to go through some pretty elaborate celebrations after scoring a goal. Heck, we've seen all sorts of choreographed dance routines at the World Cup this year.

So when Dom Dwyer scored a pretty sweet goal for Sporting Kansas City against the Chicago Fire it should come as no surprise that he celebrated:

You have to give it to him. Taking a selfie with fans was an ingenious idea:

In the NFL this would certainly be penalized, but in a sport where dance routines, taking your shirt off, and eating a slice of pizza from a company you endorse are not penalized this seems tame by comparison.

Must have been an NFL ref moonlighting.


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