Saturday, July 12, 2014

St. Louis Cardinals OF Matt Holliday Angry After Security Guard Kept Him From Making a Play [GIF]

There are certain things that likely make baseball players mad: (1) having to pay their agents (2) having to sit through yet another Farewell Tour ceremony and (3) stupid fans, ball boys, and security guards that refuse to get out of the way.

Just ask Cardinal outfielder Matt Holliday. He'll tell you.

via Cut4
Friday Holliday tried to make a play on a foul ball. At the time his team was already down by three and their were two players on so every out was critical--but a security guard failed to get out of the way in time.
Rather than make the catch (which it looks like he could have) he ended up smashing in to the security guard instead.
via Cut4
In the end it all worked out. Holliday hit a single, double, and home run and the Cardinals won 7-6.


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  1. Stupid security guard.

  2. Fool should have been paying attention.