Sunday, July 13, 2014

Teen Stabs Friend Over James Harden's Flappy Ballers Game [VIDEO]

What Houston Rockets superstar James Harden lacks in defense he makes up for business acumen. Unless he picks up on more of the defensive aspects of the game NBA teams may not be as willing to fork over millions and millions of dollars for his services (it doesn't help his game, but it certainly helps his bank account).

He could be okay with that since his video game could make him a small fortune without him ever having to leave the house--that is, if it doesn't get banned first.

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Apparently the game is so fun that it has kids going a little nutty. One teen even stabbed his friend over it!
In light of incidents like this parents are starting up a petition to try and get the game banned.

Will it happen? Probably not.

Video games have been at the root of issues in the past, but rather than scale things back or make them a little tamer games are becoming more and more realistic. Since none of the litany of violent games made over the years have been banned it is highly doubtful that a low-tech one featuring a bouncing cartoon head will be banned either.

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