Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Texas A&M HC Kevin Sumlin Fields Incredibly Stupid Questions During SEC Media Days

We are getting close people. In a few short weeks college football teams will start practicing and a few weeks after that we will have games. Till then we get a teaser of things to come; something to wet our appetites for the game--thing like the SEC Media Days.

On Tuesday it was Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin's turn to take the podium--and he didn't disappoint.


Of course that does not mean the media didn't disappoint. Many of the questions that Sumlin faced had nothing to do with his team. Instead they were about the past--and he was there to talk about the future just like every other coach in the conference.

What the ----? The reporter might as well have asked how it was like to be not sleeping now that he's awake. As one of my former professors would put it--stupid, stupid, stupid!

It sounds like he handled it pretty well as aggravating as it must have been:

Even though he didn't answer a single question about his former quarterback a number of reporters kept trying anyway.

We already knew that Sumlin and the Aggies were going to dogged with question after question about Johnny Football this season. I'd be curious to see if Vegas has an over/under on how many times ESPN is going to mention his name during broadcasts this year.

Sumlin, being the smart coach that he is, knows there is only one way to make the reporters stop. He has to win early and often this season. With South Carolina on the roster to start the season that will certainly be easier said than done.


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