Thursday, July 17, 2014

Texas A&M Open Pandora's Box By Doing Favor For Offensive Lineman?

This coming season Kevin Sumlin and the Texas A&M Aggies are going to face a serious test. The team is going to have to prove that it is more than a certain superstar player that is no longer there. To do that it will need as many playmakers as possible--especially veteran ones like offensive lineman Cedric Ogbuehi.

With a new quarterback that is going to really need protection you could almost say his services are invaluable--except the school has already proven they are not.


Ogbuehi is a 6'5" 300 pound three-year starter that would have certainly been taken in the draft had he decided to skip his final year of eligibility--and he thought about it. According to a Fox Sports post the school sent a handful of people armed with a good chunk of cash to make sure he came back.

And he is.

Did they pay him? No--well, sort of. They didn't really pay him; they just made sure that he would be paid. They bought his insurance policy.

They've become pretty popular over the last few years. Pretty much what they are is insurance to make sure that a player will get paid a certain amount of money should an injury end his football career (or lower his value) before he can make it to the NFL.

Lots of players get them, but Ogbuehu couldn't. His family did not have the money--so the school covered it.

Yes, that is legal.

The money comes out of what is called the Student Assistance Fund. This money is typically used to do things like buy a suit for a kid that does not have one and is going to be a part of SEC Media Days or help them get home for emergencies.

Apparently a new rule makes it legal for this money to be used to cover an insurance policy for a player that can't afford it.

While this is going to be great for the Aggies this coming season you have to wonder a little if it is setting a scary precedent. Now that they have done it once other players will expect it. How do you decide who to cover? It will have to be someone the team needs, but if you have multiple guys asking than what?

What if recruits want there's covered before they are willing to commit? Will they use it as a bargaining chip (because they can)?

It would not be surprising for a jilted player to cry foul.

Any options that allow teams to help players are great, but this one sounds like it has the potential to turn in to a real mess.


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