Wednesday, July 16, 2014

USC Trojans Expect to Spend a Cool $1 Million on 'Refueling Stations' This Year

The NCAA doesn't get a lot right, but it certainly did when it changed a really stupid rule. Athletes are no longer restricted when it comes to meals like in the past, and the cool thing is that it includes every athlete. Walk-ons, partial scholarships, and full rides alike can eat their fill on the university's dime now.

You kind of have to wonder one thing. How much is this going to cost?

The USC Trojans are projecting they will spend a small fortune on feeding their 650 or so student athletes this coming season:

One million bucks to feed 650 kids? That comes out to more than $1500 an athlete--and this is just for what they are calling refueling stations. What are those? Basically spots where athletes can get a smoothie, protein bar, or some other kind of healthy snack.

"This is more than just allowing more food to be brought to the table," said Becci Twombley, one of two dieticians that have been hired by the school.  "This offers the opportunity to implement a department-wide fueling philosophy that brings the science of recovery nutrition to all 21 of USC's sports...."

 A lot of athletes already eat healthy (hence being the beasts that they are), but when it comes to eating whatever the cafeteria offers or what regulations allow that is easier said than done. Since those regulations no longer exists though...

"USC is one of just a few schools poised to take advantage of this new rule on a department-wide scale. Because of this, our student-athletes now will be fully prepared to compete at the highest level," said Twombley.

It kind of makes you wonder. Now that there are now restrictions on meals--how much will breakfast, lunch, and dinner cost?


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