Saturday, July 19, 2014

USC Trojans Looking to Sell Certain 'Experiences' to Season Ticket Holders

Have you ever watched football games or movies and thought to yourself how cool it would be to do what your watching? Playing may be a little far-fetched, but what about some of the other things--like running out of the tunnel on game day?

If you are a USC Trojans season ticket holder you can--for a price of course.


The university recently announced that it will be offering certain experiences for season ticket holders to enjoy for a certain price. For example, if you want to run down the tunnel on game day with the team with 90,000+ fans screaming their heads off it will cost you a cool $1500.

Ask a football player and he will tell you that there is no feeling quite like it. He'll also probably tell you the rush is worth the price if you have $1500 burning a hole in your pocket.

But does this kind of cheapen the experience? Former player turned radio host Petros Papadakis thinks so (via InsideSoCal):
“It does feel a little weird to me to put a price on running out of the tunnel. We were told as players constantly that that was earned as a right. Now that is worth exactly $1,500."
Fans are pretty mixed about the idea as well with some calling it cheap and low class while others see nothing wrong with it.
If this is selling out they are not the only ones doing it.
Earlier this summer Alabama created a menu of about 300 different things people could 'buy' the right to name. Nick Saban's office will cost you a cool million, but if that is too much for you it only cost $25,000 to name one of the football lockers or the exam room in Coleman Coliseum for $20,000.

Some schools have even sold naming rights to positions (yes, like the head coach, athletic director, etc.) So in a way you could say that USC is doing what some of the other guys--just a little different.


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