Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Washington Redskins Blogger Quits After Receiving Too Many Personal Attacks on Social Media

When Ben Tribbett took the blogging job with the Washington Redskins he was probably thinking about all the exposure he was going to get. For bloggers that is the name of the game. Exposure turns in to page views--what every blogger craves. Since his task was to defend the team's name--something that has been a bit of a hot topic in recent years--he had a ready made audience.

He didn't even last two weeks.

He announced his new position on Twitter on June 25 sounding proud and ready to take on the world. Monday night's resignation tweet had an entirely different tone:

What is surprising about this--besides the fact that he thought the debate was in any way about him--is that he is a political aide by profession and at one time ran a political blog (not sure if he still does). If there is anything that people get passionate about and even aggressive when it comes to attacking the position of others its politics.

You would think that he would have thicker skin from his past experience and day job, but apparently not.

A job in politics in itself is enough to eat up every living second of the day for a person so I wouldn't be surprised if the truth was more like he didn't have the time to commit to the job that it needs. By quitting in the manner that he has he insures that the 'debate' is actually about him even if it is for just 15 minutes.


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