Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Washington Redskins WR DeSean Jackson Not Concerned About Burning Bridges in Philadelphia

When players leave a team under less-than-desirable circumstances it is not unusual for him to speak out against the organization and even former teammates. The anger is understandable and when it comes down to it any 'talk' is quickly forgotten when/if a team looks to bring that player back (right, LeBron?).

However, when you criticize the fans--like former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver did--you are asking for trouble.

After a recent practice Jackson told the media that fans in Washington are more supportive than the ones in Philly (via CBS Philadelphia):
“They’re very supportive here. You know, they’re open. You know, being out here on the field I’ve been hearing certain things, but they’re good things. In Philly sometimes, things could have gotten a little negative. They booed their own players, but here you don’t really get that. They’re supporting you, they’re out there. Just as many people that’s here in the morning practice, came to our walk-through practice so that shows you something.”
It is hard to imagine the Philly fans that cheered for him over the last six seasons are going to be real happy to hear that. When the Redskins travel to Philly in week three they are probably going to tell him exactly how they feel too.
Back in Philadelphia Mark Sanchez--who has gone on record about how nice he thinks Philly fans are--is thinking, "If D-Jax thought the Philly fans were bad he should go play in New York!"


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