Saturday, July 19, 2014

WATCH: Denver Broncos Linebacker Von Miller Stars in Bizarre Touchdown Celebration Video

Denver Broncos linebacker  Von Miller has always danced to the beat of his own drum. How else can you explain the jacket you see below or his desire to become a chicken farmer someday? It's not everyday you hear about a guy going from sacking quarterbacks to chickens (than again, not much difference between the two I suppose).

In a new video on Instagram he is not dancing to his own beat, but rapper Lil John's--and the end result was epic to say the least!

So when he gets his own little show on Instagram called 'Touchdown For What' where he is going to show off his latest and greatest celebration dances we should not be surprised. It's still a little on the weird side.

Maybe more than just a little.

Adidas and Champs Spots have joined forces for what they are calling adicolorTV where the two will post all sorts of funny spoofs to Instagram starring some of the day's top talents in the game.

So if you dig Miller's dance moves don't worry--there is more to come.


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