Sunday, July 27, 2014

Will Oakland Raiders DL Justin Tuck Get to Keep His Bane-Like Facemask?

Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Justin Tuck has become known for being a fierce beast on the gridiron; a person that quarterbacks see in their nightmares. With his new Bane-like facemask it is understandable if he takes the form of something even more dark and villainous inside the subconscious of QBs around the league.

The No Fun League wants to ban facemasks like his, but if you listen to him he is going to be able to wear his anyway.

In a recent interview he said he has medical clearance to wear it:

“As of right now, no. I have medical clearance. Yeah, it wasn’t a fad; it wasn’t me trying to be the coolest kid on the block. I did it for a necessity. I did it to help me stay safe, so as of right now, I will have my facemask, hopefully that doesn’t change.”

I'd be curious to know just what ailment or issue he has that would require wearing something like this, but I suppose we'll find out if he does once the games start.


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