Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Arizona Cardinals DB Patrick Peterson Must Be Out of His Freaking Mind

Arizona Cardinals defensive back Patrick Peterson is one of--if not the--best in the NFL today. The Cardinals organization certainly thinks so since they signed him to a massive contract during the off-season and paid him like he's the best.

He's a great player, from what is available online a great guy, but the man is out of his damn mind.


Why? Because the man has been sitting on a $15+ million check (his signing bonus) for a few weeks now. When asked why his answer was pretty simple and very straightforward.

According to the MMQB it's simply because he hasn't gotten around to it yet.

He had not gotten around to it yet.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Are you out of your damn mind man?

It must be nice to be so financially stable that $15 million is no big deal to you (his contract was for 5-years an $70 million). Or maybe it's because since he signed the contract on July 29 he has been so focused on training for the upcoming season that he really did forget.

I don't know and I certainly can't relate. When I get a $15 check from Mom for my birthday that sucker is deposited before the sun goes down.


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