Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Baltimore Ravens Hold Office Pool on Number of Fights Steve Smith Would Have When Team Practiced With 49ers

The Baltimore Ravens knew they were getting a fiery individual when they picked up wide receiver Steve Smith. His antics were well known, and so far have been par for the course in Baltimore. He fought guys in practice with the Panthers; he has been in fights in practice with the Ravens.

So when it came time for the team to hold a joint practice with the San Franciso 49ers the team figured he'd probably get in a fight or two with them. So they bet on it.


So who won the money? The cash went to a surprising source--Smith for being on his best behavior.

"I think I won the office pool because they had over-unders on my fights," Smith said (via the Baltimore Sun). "I had zero, so I get all the cash."

You could say that he had an unfair advantage since he could directly influence the outcome of the bet, but this is Steve Smith we are talking about. At this point in his career it is pretty safe to say that he is not going to change.

So if the urge to throw a punch overtakes him he is going to do it--just not this time.


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