Sunday, August 31, 2014

Baylor Bears QB Bryce Petty Foolish For Staying in After Getting Hurt Early? [VIDEOS]

In a system like the one Art Briles runs with the Baylor Bears there is one person that is very important to the success of the offense--the quarterback. Shocker, right? QBs are always important, but when your system is as pass-heavy as Baylor's is your QB needs to be at his best when he's on the field. If he isn't--well, that's not good.

So when Baylor's Heisman candidate quarterback Bryce Petty was injured early on in Sunday night's game (see below) you have to wonder why he wasn't pulled.

The obvious answer would be that he was possibly hurt, but not injured. Anyone that has ever played football will tell you that just about everyone plays hurt to some degree during the game. As the leader of the offense (and team for that matter) you need to be able to show your team you'll do what it takes to win.

You can play hurt, but you can't if you are injured. From the look of things during the game it was pretty clear that Petty was hurting, and from what was later shared on Twitter it sounds like that was it--no injury.

His playy may not have been as great as it was last season, but was still 13-23 for 165 yards and two touchdowns. The first was a short one to Tre'von Armstead:

And the second a nice 46-yard bomb to KD Cannon:

He also tacked on 21 yards and a touchdown on two carries:

As gingerly as he got up after that run it was pretty clear he needed to come out. With the whole season still t play it was better to be cautious rather than risk injury in a blowout win.

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