Saturday, August 30, 2014

Florida State QB Jameis Winston Smacked in the Facemask on Accident? [GIF]

At some point during Saturday night's season opener Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was smacked in the head by one of the Oklahoma State players.   Now it does look like the hit was incidental; that he was just celebrating whatever play had just occurred (one of Winston's interceptions perhaps?).

Or it could have been a well timed shot at the facemask of the Heisman winner.

via Fandsided

There are bound to be a few conspiracy theorists that will see it as deliberate, but with the way Winston just moves on you have to think it was an accident. Either that or he realized he was in a sea of Cowboys and figured the smart thing to do was just move on.

If he wanted to throw down I bet Red Lightning would have had his back!

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