Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nebraska WR Jordan Westerkamp is Not the Only Cornhusker to Break Out Against Florida Atlantic

For the Nebraska Cornhuskers the bulk of the attention has been going to sophomore wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp and deservedly so. His behind-the-back catch on the sidelinee is going to be hard to top for catch of the year, but that wasn't all he did. The youngster ended the day with seven catches for 125 yards and a touchdown (second career TD and 100+ yard game).

Thanks to his awesome catch another breakout performance has been overshadowed; that of running back Terrell Newby.


It was only the third time in his young career that he carried the ball more than 10 times (had 10 and 15 carries in game last season). He did well in both of those games (61 and 76 yards), but with Ameer Abdullah moving on to bigger and better things in the NFL next season it was time to show fans they have nothing to worry about.

The running game will be just fine next year with him leading the way. So how did he do it? Simply be turning in his first 100+ yard, two touchdown game by gaining 107 yards on 16 carries.

Skeptics will probably point out that close to half of it came on one 43-yard scamper. To those guys I say this--get over yourselves. The kid played well. he deserves a little sunshine.

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