Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Buffalo Bills QB Kyle Orton Proves is the Smartest Quarterback Alive

Why on Earth is Kyle Orton smiling so much? He does realize that he is signing with the Buffalo Bills, right? They...they aren't good. How can he be happy about signing with a team whose best wide receiver only shines in practice and practice only?

Easy--because deep down inside he knows he is the smartest quarterback alive.


Why? Well--lets look at what he has accomplished. First, he got out of Dallas without havig to give any of his $3 million signing bonus back since he was more patient than Jerry Jones. Had he 'retired' in order to escape Big D he would have had to pay some money back, but he didn't so the money is his.

Second, he is going to bring in a pretty nice paycheck this season in Buffalo:

You would think that the money would suggest he is going to play. I have no idea how it is structured or what it is tied to, but I disagree. The Bills want to give E.J. Manuel any and every chance possible to prove that he is the man of the future. They are going to leave him in come hell or high water unless he gets hurt.

Having a veteran presence can be a real boost to young guys. They are hoping that Orton can be another teacher for their second-year QB; someone he can go to that has been there and done that. If Manuel happens to get hurt Orton is capable of stepping in.

So--why is Orton the smartest QB alive? He put one over on Jerry Jones and is getting paid some serious cash to hold a young quarterback's hands (and not have to play very much if at all).

I'd say that makes him freaking brilliant.

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  1. you think he doesn't want to play? hmmmm....

  2. I didn't say that at all. That's not even implied.