Sunday, August 17, 2014

Not So Breaking News: Oakland Raiders QB Matt Schaub Throws an Interception Not Returned for a TD

Last season fans of the Houston Texans would have considered this play a good thing. Yes, an interception would have been a good thing. As morbid as it sounds fans would have been glad it wasn't a pick-6.

Thanks to David Carr's injury it looks like Matt Schaub is going to have plenty of opportunity to throw a few.

via Gfycat
Carr has had a couple of pretty decent performances so far in preseason action (10-16, 74 yards, 1 INT; 9-16, 109 yards, 1 TD).

Schaub? Not so much, but the veteran was brought in to start . Now that Carr is going to have to miss valuable time after getting a concussion Friday night the team would be better off letting him continue to develop before throwing him to the wolves.

Don't worry Raider Nation. Schaub will implode by Week 6. By than Carr should be ready to rock.

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