Saturday, August 16, 2014

Philadelphia Eagles Rookie RB Henry Josey a Young Darren Sproles? [GIF]

Late in Friday night's Eagles/Patriots preseason game any San Diego or New Orleans fans that happened to be watching saw something that had to look real familiar to them--a little guy that is fast and shifty as hell taking a screen pass 27-yards to the end zone.

Familiar--but different because the play wasn't by the guy they used to love. It just looked a lot like him.


By 'him' I'm talking about former Chargers and Saints return man/running back Darren Sproles--who also happens to be on the Eagles now. This was not the 5'6" and 190 pound veteran running back, but a rookie from Missouri with a pretty similar frame--Henry Josey (5'8" and 194 pounds).

Sproles has made most of his money in the NFL being a return man, but the Saints had a lot of success using him as a situational guy. Pretty much what they tried to do with him was get him out in to space with the ball in his hands.

Between the tackles he's too small to be able to get the tough yards. However, if you give him a chance to make someone miss he is as dangerous as they come--just like Henry Josey.

With speed such an important aspect of Chip Kelly's offense guys like Josey and Sproles are perfectly suited for it. Since Sproles is not getting any younger (30) it doesn't hurt to have a younger version of him on the roster.

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