Wednesday, August 13, 2014

PHOTO: Did Anyone Remember the Cleveland Indians Had a Game Wednesday?

The Cleveland Indians had a baseball game Wednesday against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Actually--they had two. From the look of things prior to the start of Game 1 it doesn't appear that many fans remembered there was a game today. It looks like they might have sold enough tickets to cover what the ushers' pay (if that).

On a good note--if you happened to get stuck next to a heckler it should be pretty easy to get away from him.


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  1. Duh. The game was a 1 pm makeup of the rained-out game from the previous day. It was not scheduled, and who do you think can get off of work to go to an early afternoon game at the last minute? Check the attendance numbers for the actually-scheduled evening game. It's the normal low of 17500...

  2. Also low attendance because the Browns have started and Cavs looking good, baseball season in Cleveland is just a distraction until the Browns start. Guarantee you won't be able to get a Cavs ticket either.

    1. Low Attendance because of the Cavs? Child please.