Monday, August 11, 2014

Play of the Week: Tennessee Titans QB Charlie Whitehurst to Bishop Sankey for the Improbable First Down [GIF]

There is only one thing we can count on in the preseason. There will be busted plays. When you have guys playing that have not spent a ton of time together errors will be made. While it may seem like a recipe for crappy, uninspired, boring play it is also an opportunity for greatness. When that happens you not only get a fantastic play---but a play that is worthy of being called the Play of the Week.

This week that honor goes to career clipboard holder and occasional quarterback Charlie Whitehurst of the Tennessee Titans and rookie running back Bishop Sankey.


When it looked like good ole Charlie was going to be devoured by the Packers defense he somehow managed to escape long enough to throw the ball downfield to Sankey. That alone was a pretty sweet play, but it didn't end there.

Had Sankey been tackled it would have been for minimal to no gain, but the Packers defensive back missed and he took the ball up field for a pretty sweet gain.

Well done gentlemen. Well done indeed.

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