Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Preseason Play of the Week: Philadelphia Eagles QB Mark Sanchez's Accidental Touchdown Pass

Every week during the season we will see lots of hits, plenty of touchdown runs, lots of big passes, and the occasional monster sack. However, as awesome as they all are not every one of them qualify as FatManWriting's Play of the Week. That play has to be something--special.

For example--Mark Sanchez's first touchdown pass with the Philadelphia Eagles.

By some miracle Mark Sanchez has actually looked pretty good during preseason action. So good that the Eagles have talked about fielding trade talk for the former Jets QB. This news has to be leaving Jets fans (and every other NFL fan with a pulse) at a loss.

This is Mark Sanchez. He--well, he's not that good. If there is something that every quarterback will take over talent though it's luck.

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  1. That was not an accidental throw by Sanchez, but it was an accidental catch by the receiver who caught the ball. I think Sanchez intended to throw a touch down pass!
    Good Job Mr. Sanchez!!

    1. Quarterbacks always intend on throwing touchdown passes. What they intend and what they do are often two different things though.

    2. Wow! Sanchez still has a fan! You probably think he intended to run in to that guy's ass last season too. Sanchez sucks.