Sunday, August 31, 2014

USC Sets Pac-12 Record in Romp Over Fresno State [GIF]

The USC Trojans needed to do something big Saturday afternoon. They needed to do something big to get the focus off of their idiot former captain that thought he could fool the world in to thinking he was a hero and the running back that called new head coach Steve Sarkisian a racist as he quit the team.

Well--beating the Fresno State Bulldogs 52-13 was pretty big, but it's the record they set along the way that will make people take notice.

via Fansided
They ran more plays on offense than any other team in PAC-12 history:

With the high powered offenses that Oregon has had in recent years you would think the Ducks would have cleared a 100 plays a number of times and put the record out of reach, but apparently not.

So--what does this mean for the Trojans? It means that whatever Sarkisian is doing must be working. For the team to get over the negative press and focus this well on football is commendable to say the least.

The Bulldogs are not exactly the cream of the crop. Maybe if USC was playing a tougher team it would not have gone as well, but you can always say what if. It doesn't change the fact that the Trojans looked pretty damn good.

Oh--and the offense is going to be real tired and sore come Sunday!

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