Sunday, August 10, 2014

Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III Turns Table on Fans Looking for an Autograph

Superstars like Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III get flooded with requests for autographs each and every time they get near the rope barrier that keeps fans from making a mad dash on to the field. RG3 knows this and you can see him signing all sorts of things at every practice.

However, at Saturday's practice session he decided to turn the table on a few fans and became the fan himself.

via RG3's FB page
He asked them for autographs instead.
"When I was growing up I always wanted to meet guys I looked up to, role models," he said (via ESPN). "If I'd have met Michael Jordan and he asked for my autograph there would have been a shock. It's flipping the script a little bit, but I think it means something to them. If I'm their first autograph that's an honor to me."
The fans in question were guests at Redskins training camp as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Jamia Johnson0--who signed his practice jersey--was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease in May of 2010.

Cancer survivors Evan Washo and Vincent Silver Jr. signed his cleats.

via RG3's FB page

RG3 would later say that the idea just came to him; it was not preplanned at all. Some folks might say it wasn't as good because they didn't get as much 'stuff' (they are being mailed cleats in their favorite color), but this was so much more than memorabilia.

Here you have an NFL superstar telling these kids that he is not the hero because of what he can do on the football field. They are for fighting the fight they have had to their entire lives. He's not the inspiration--they are.

Well done Mr. Griffin. Well done indeed.


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