Saturday, August 16, 2014

WATCH: Dallas Cowboys RB Ryan Williams Absolutely Trucks Over Ravens Defensive Back

DeMarco Murray may be the incumbent for the Cowboys, but lets be real here folks--he's okay at best and injured way too often. The 'Boys need another option--and may have found it in former Arizona Cardinals running back Ryan Williams.

After an injury-filled and unsuccessful tenure in Arizona he must know that his window is closing. If he doesn't do something to make people notice him they are going to forget him and move on to the next guy.

Trucking over a defensive back while breaking a big run will definitely make them notice.

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  1. Thanks for the vine, but Murray is "okay at best"? You don't think maybe your standards are a bit high? He's a top five back, top ten at worst. That's better than "okay".

    1. In three seasons he has only cracked a 1000 yards once and only has about 2600 yards to his name. He only had three 100+ yard rushing games last season and five under 50. Calling him 'okay' is being generous.

    2. ROFL, you haven't watched a single one of his games.

      Ask yourself how Murray can be the #10 rusher in the league on a team than is 31st in rushing attempts. I wonder if his 5.2 yards per carry has anything to do with it?

      Murray is a beast, don't blame him cause of bad coaching that refuses to run the ball- especially with a 2nd half lead.

    3. So because he disagrees with you he hasn't watched a game? That statement is as dumb as saying Jerry Jones is a great Gm. Moron.

    4. Child please! I knew a guy in college who also 'didn't get his carries' but since he broke a few big runs he had a 9 yard/carry average. Didn't make him a beast and 5.2 per doesn't make DM one.

    5. I guess we'll find out when Jones decides not to give him the inflated contract you think he's worth and he plays somewher else.

  2. You can talk stats and blame the coaches all you want. Till he can actually stay on the field long enough to be counted on he sucks.