Sunday, August 31, 2014

WATCH: Florida State Offensive Lineman Played Key Role in Jameis Winston's Dramatic Touchdown Run

The World Wide Web has been buzzing over Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston and his big run against Oklahoma State in Saturday night's season opener--as it should be. The run was fantastic. It was 28 yards of pure adrennaline and drama. It was everything that you would expect out of a national champion, a Heisman trophy winner, and a future first round draft pick.

But it would have been just another run had it not been for one guy.

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This offensive lineman deserves some beautiful love for this run. Now I am sure most of you will be thinking something like 'sure he does because he got out of the way' and to a small (very small) degree you would be right. Without the leap over him it would not have been nearly as cool of a run.

But there is more. Let's examine a little closer what the lineman actually did.

He was downfield making a block so we can assume that he did his job at the line and was trying to do more. We can probably assume that he was trying to get up so he could make another block, but he had enough field awareness to see his quarterback coming and hit the ground.

Some guys would have tried to scurry out of the way or get up and move. Had he done that he would have gotten in the way. So kudos to him for hitting the deck--and making the play so much cooler than it would have been minus the leap.

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